Reducing Restaurant Labor Cost With Your POS Technology

One of the biggest issues plaguing the restaurant industry post covid is hiring and staff retention. At onePOS we have developed technology to lessen the reliance on labor and streamline your operation. Specifically, this consists of, our kiosk and order/pay at the table, Chowly integration, Front-of-House terminals, self-serve kiosks, handheld terminals, oneMetrix, and our QR code scan and pay. These modern solutions are easy to use and allow you to focus delivering a quality guest experience while being confident in your numbers and profitability.

Software Training

onePOS further reduces your restaurant’s labor cost by providing all the technical training, from the front to the back of the house. Training is completed remotely with your restaurant’s management team to show all of the functionality for our system. Bartenders and servers learn how to ring orders and take payments within minutes at the same time the POS teaches them the intricacies of your menus and pricing. Additionally, we train kitchen staff to help boost your bottom line and streamline your kitchen flow with onePOS KDS. As with all other parts of the onePOS solution, training is measured in hours not days. We are confident that you will find onePOS to be a robust yet easy to use POS that will fit into the most demanding locations.

OneMetrix Point of Sales system, Cloud Storage

Streamlined Productivity

The modern restaurant needs solutions that can keep the kitchen line moving and provide convenience to patrons even during the busiest times of the day. Every touch saved turns into hours of increased efficiency and labor cost savings. onePOS is custom tailored to your business depending on your needs with features such as conversational ordering, intuitive modifiers, and one-swipe payments. The heart of every POS system is taking an order. The onePOS Front-of-House terminal excels far above all other pos systems. It combines years of real world usability experience with modern graphics and the industries most intuitive touch interface, offering unmatched ease of use and performance that enhances every aspect of your operations. Painstaking development effort has been made to minimize touches and streamlining operations.

Kitchen Display Point of Sales System, oneView Kitchen, Kitchen Management, Easy Training

Your Personal Labor Cost Matters too!

There is an old adage that states, if you want to grow your business then it is import to spend more time working ON your business instead of IN your business. We practice what we preach and have created a robust set of tools that streamline management operations to limit time needed to run the business and simplify many management tasks so that they can be performed by lower level staff. Our single database model makes managing multiple menus a breeze from a single online entry point. The oneMetrix hybrid reporting tool puts critical data at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Technology Overview

Below is a brief description of the specific technologies we have developed to help streamline your restaurants labor cost and your management team’s time. This increase in capacity equates to lower labor cost, increased efficiency and happier employees and patrons.

Handheld Terminals

Take all of the power of our standard Windows based Terminal software and run it natively on any device. Mobile POS Terminals have tremendous value when used for table-side ordering and payment, line-busting during peak times in counter service or fast casual operations.

Self Serve Kiosks

Allow for user-friendly self-serve kiosks which reduce the reliance on order taking staff, while ensuring a greater customer satisfaction and order accuracy. Furthermore, Kiosks have been shown to increase ticket sizes around 20% as they never fail to ask for upsells. onePOS’ kiosk solutions can be deployed on food trucks, QSR’s and other high traffic locations to reduce labor costs and increase profits.


OneMetrix is onePOS’s Hybrid Cloud solution, providing operators both large and small access to their entire systems from anywhere in the world. Realtime front-of-house, labor costs, kitchen, and financial metrics are also available at your fingertips allowing for remote management and oversight of your restaurant.

Software retroits Onepos Sales System, software solutions

Our complete employment system including clock in/out enforcement, shift swap, and employee management. Additionally our solutions provides a simple and efficient way to create, maintain, and distribute your employee schedules. oneSchedule allows for weekly and daily views, which provides a more detailed view of the schedule by day. The detailed organization oneSchedule provides streamlines employee management and saves your management team hours every week.


The onePOS Kitchen and Bar Display System uniquely allows operators of all sizes and requirements to gain the tremendous benefits of a digital kitchen. This is an easy to use system allowing for custom setup on multiple displays to increase efficiency and heads up awareness of orders. Increased order efficiency and kitchen accuracy equates to improvements in your restaurant’s labor costs.

Chowly Integration

Utilizing online ordering, especially post-pandemic, is a natural way to reduce your restaurant’s Labor cost. onePOS directly integrates with Chowly allowing guests to place online orders which are automatically routed to your kitchen without the need for servers or other staff to handle phone calls. Our Chowly integration coupled with our oneView digital kitchen software provides a streamlined solution for higher sales.

How To Get Started

Are you are interested in learning more about how onePOS can reduce your restaurant’s labor cost? The first step is to set up a demo to learn more about the specific operations of onePOS and how they can be implemented into your current restaurant operation. Schedule with our sales staff for an online demonstration or give us a call to answer any quick questions you may have.