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You need a solution that can keep your line moving during the busiest times of the day while still providing order accuracy and owner security – and unoPOS excels for quick service and fast casual operations. Our solution is custom tailored to your business with features such as conversational ordering, intuitive modifiers, and one-swipe payments.

onePOS keeps the line moving quickly with conversational ordering and customer facing order confirmation displays. Auto-selected modifiers save touches while still allowing quick upsells at any point during the ordering process. Use our native iOS Terminal App for line busting at peak times.

You need a system you can depend on everyday, regardless if the internet is working or not. Over the last 15 years onePOS has engineered a bullet proof system that simply does not have downtime.
As with all parts of the onePOS solution, training is measured in hours not days. Bartenders learn how to ring orders and take payments within minutes at the same time the POS teaches them the intricacies of your menus and pricing.

With conversational ordering and auto-selected modifiers each chit for the kitchen is super accurate. Various options are available such as consolidated printing like items as well as summary printing of pulled items at the bottom of the chit. For fast casual operations, onePOS allows several guests to order and pay independently before sending the complete order to the kitchen.

Through the use of manager cards or fingerprints, discounts, comps, coupons, and voids can all be controlled and later reported on by employee or approving manager. Connection of touch data to surveillance cameras or the onePOS Terminal Viewer app allow you to monitor each cashier from afar.

Up-sold Modifiers automatically calculate their adjusted price keeping pricing consistent and fair for the customer, while ensuring that the owners collect for every such upsell.
Our payment engine connects to a variety of processors, payment types, and encryption including E2E/P2P. Customer facing EMV and debit – no problem. A quick dip of a credit card or gift card after ordering the last item and the cashier is ready for the next customer.

See How It All Works With A Demo

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Flexible for Your Location

Mix full-service, bar, and quick-service features together to make solution ideal for your operations.

Features You Need

Auto combo, auto discount by customer type, bar code scanners, scales – with over 15 years of growth onePOS can handle virtually any need.

Cloud Data Management & Reporting

Make changes to your stores data from virtually anywhere in the world and access reports from any web browser.

Multi-Store / Enterprise

Change data for your stores and get consolidated reporting with ease.

Labor Management

Full time and attendance features, including overtime and exporting to leading payroll providers.

Real-Time Mobile Alerts and Reporting

Mobile dashboard and oneConnect apps keep you informed of your real-time operations no matter where you are.

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