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Building on our flagship front of house terminal software, the onePOS management console combines ease of use with all of the powerful management features and reporting your business demands. Adding new items, querying an employee’s time clock records, performing end of day, and printing sales reports for last year can be done in just a few seconds, allowing you to spend more time managing your restaurant and less time running the POS.

Management Console has got it covered

All of the management functions of onePOS in easy reach

It’s easy to create, manage, and maintain your menus; from the simplest to the most complicated. “Add Like” wizards speed you through and greatly reduce complexity, prevent mistakes, and ensure consistency. Tabbed entry screens, along with next and previous buttons, allow you to scan through almost any setup page reviewing information and making changes when needed. And our change item wizard allows you to adjust almost any merchandise information in a snap, based upon the criteria you define.

The employee database is managed just as easily as merchandise, with the same familiar look, feel, and tools at your disposal. Each employee can clock into multiple job classes and unique pay rates for each.

Create, edit, and audit employee time cards, track labor costs by department or category, and view labor performance based on restaurant sales, guest counts, or number of checks.

Whether you operate a fine dining, counter service, or quick service restaurant, only our onePOS system can meet your needs.

Over 250 easy to read reports keep you informed on all aspects of your operation, with just a few mouse clicks. View, print, save, or e-mail any report. Schedule up to 100 reports to automatically print or e-mail at the close of each day. A wide variety of sales, server, item, contest, transaction, electronic payment, inventory, labor performance, payroll, scheduling, and other reports are available; most are definable by day part and revenue center.

onePOS offers unmatched employee and manager security. Grant access by screen, item, or individual function based on an employee’s security level. You can customize usage for groups in your organization, including owners, IT personnel, general managers, assistant managers, cashiers, servers, kitchen employees, or anyone else you need!

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