Cloud Based POS Solutions are Great…But

A cloud-based restaurant management software relies on an internet connection and servers not in the restaurant itself, ie the Cloud.  These servers are hosted remotely, store information, process data, and provide live remote reporting.  Although these features make cloud-based POS solutions unreplaceable, the unreliable and unstable nature of an internet connection requires a hybrid solution.

Previously, POS solutions kept all of the transactional and reporting data locally within establishments.  For this to work every restaurant would have to have a stack of computers/servers physically in the restaurant to capture data, process all transactions, and gather reports locally.  This fast and reliable formula is tried and tested, however it lacks the robust power and functionality of a cloud-based POS system.  Combining the two concepts within one hybrid POS management software provides an unmatched result; which is easily and affordably installed and maintained.

Introducing the Hybrid POS Solution

As the restaurant industry is starting to see a shift towards the cloud-based POS system, the need for a hybrid solution (with increased reliability) becomes obvious. The Hybrid POS system makes it easier for restaurants to analyze sales, make data-driven decisions, and manage costs effectively and immediately, while also providing on-site backup for times when your online servers could go down and you don’t want to lose any time helping customers or processing sales.. Enter onePOS’s hybrid restaurant management software. 

onePOS is the Leader in Hybrid-POS Software

onePOS’s hybrid POS software has become popular because we make it easy to record sales transactions, we offer a variety of insights, and you can access your data and sales anywhere at any time. 

One of the most significant benefits of onePOS’s hydrid system for your restaurant is the ability to easily integrate with any existing machines. With APIs and other integration methods, your software solutions can actually talk to one another, share data, and provide insights across stores and systems better, faster, and easier than ever before.

Here are just some of the reasons to try our hybrid software today. You can access your restaurants data anywhere, we have a mobile app and a private login on our website, you do not have to be in your building to see what is happening in your restaurant anymore. We don’t charge hefty upfront technology investments or long-term contracts, allowing lower monthly cost so you see an ROI from the first day. 

We understand this is a big change for most restaurants that have notoriously lagged a bit behind when it comes to the newest technologies, but we know that hybrid POS is the future for all of us. 

If you are still not sure if hybrid-POS software is right for your business, and not sure where to start? Contact onePOS for a free demo and trial of our industry leading software.