Be Prepared for the Holidays with Gift Cards

How Can Gift Cards Help Your Restaurant Grow?   Did you know that FSR magazine reported in 2021 that 44% of consumers say that a gift cards were a primary encouragement for trying places they had never been. Gift cards often bring in new diners who you may have never seen before.  After those diners […]

Reducing Restaurant Labor Cost With Your POS Technology

Point of Sale, multiple operating systems

Reducing Restaurant Labor Cost With Your POS Technology One of the biggest issues plaguing the restaurant industry post covid is hiring and staff retention. At onePOS we have developed technology to lessen the reliance on labor and streamline your operation. Specifically, this consists of, our kiosk and order/pay at the table, Chowly integration, Front-of-House terminals, […]

Hybrid Cloud Based POS Solutions Are the Future of Reliability and Functionality

hybrid Point of Sale Software Solution

Cloud Based POS Solutions are Great…But A cloud-based restaurant management software relies on an internet connection and servers not in the restaurant itself, ie the Cloud.  These servers are hosted remotely, store information, process data, and provide live remote reporting.  Although these features make cloud-based POS solutions unreplaceable, the unreliable and unstable nature of an […]

Cash Discount Programs Offset Increasing Restaurant Expenses

As labor and food costs continue to soar, Cash Discount programs provide relief. There has been a lot of attention given in the news on the extra burden that’s affecting restauranters; rising minimum wage, inflation, labor struggles, etc. onePOS can offer you a helpful solution to ease the burden of these increasing costs. onePOS’s Cash […]