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Offers a revolutionary point-of-sale system for your restaurant, bar, and night club industries that combines ease of use, with powerful management tools for increased performance and profitability. UNOpos is a unique point-of-sale solution maximizes the latest technology to create faster transactions and increase accuracy while keeping you informed with real-time reports on your computer.


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What we offer

Online orders delivered to your kitchen.

Order through and pay on your website.

Hand held terminals enable servers to order and pay at table.

Increasing speed of delivery and security for a weary public.

Loyalty Card Program.

Greatly increases sales with ease.

Delivery module utilizes caller ID and map questing

To minimize wait times and increase profitability.

From your phone or laptop view high definition cameras of all your stores.


Quickbooks integration for accounting ease.


UNOpos software for Touchscreen POS Terminals

Minimizes number of button pushes by servers for increased speed and accuracy while improving communication with the kitchen

Management software for your Back Office

Enables quick and easy modification of employees, menus, and reports on the fly without refreshing data or rebooting the system, Simplifies end of day procedures, Automatically emails the reports you want to see

Coupon and Discount Processing

Enables you to customize multiple coupon features. For example coupons for combos can only be used for combos, not appetizers, versus a $2 off coupon which can be used on any item. You decide

Gift Card Programs

Extensive reporting capabilities allow owners and franchisors to track gift card purchases and redemption across multiple locations.

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Our Software

UNOpos point of sale is designed to grow with your ever-changing needs, all while running on your existing and future equipment. We offer point of sale specific products such as our POS Terminal and Back Office programs, credit card and gift card processing through our Payment Processing System, and a variety of utilities and support applications.

UNOpos Back Office:

UNOpos Back Office software is easy, fast, and accurate to use. Manage your merchandise, employees, pay categories, departments, menus and more from a single interface. Keep informed with over 200 reports which correspond to almost every aspect of your operation. You can also setup as many as 100 reports to automatically print when the end of day is ran.


UNOpos terminal software is built with speed in mind. We want a user (ie a Server, Host(ess), and Cook) to be able to complete a set of operations in as little keystrokes as possible. For you, keystrokes = time and time is a primary part of customer satisfaction. Features such as meal coursing, job throttling, and expo consolidation has made managing your kitchen operations simpler than ever. Utilizing printers or a video display system, orders flow seamlessly from your dining rooms to your kitchens and bars. FOH flash reports keep managers informed of the performance of the restaurant in real time; including sales, labor, and server performance


We take the best industry standard hardware and integrate it with our point-of-sale products to deliver you the finest solution while minimizing your total cost of ownership. UNOpos is designed to run on a variety of hardware systems, here is a list of a couple of terminals that we suggest for building out a new system.

POS printers are essential in the restaurant industry to print customer receipts and customer orders in the kitchen or at the bar. UNOpos software supports a wide range of industry standard printers from most leading manufacturers including Epson, Partner Tech, and Samsung.

Why run your business with a Restaurant Point of Sale System instead of a POS Cash Register?

Restaurant Point of Sale Systems do much more than the typical Restaurant POS Cash Register. Standard Restaurant Cash Registers are simply a place to store money. In comparison, a customized Restaurant POS System bundled with a Restaurant POS PC and UNOpos Software will allow your business do so much more: take customer orders, perform high-speed credit card transactions, track inventory, manage labor, implement customer loyalty programs, and much, much more. A customized Restaurant POS System from UNOpos will help your restaurant increase efficiency and eliminate waste in supplies and manpower. Because all of your restaurant's important information is in one complete, integrated system, your in-depth reports take advantage of all of the crossover information you need to make the right decisions. We can help install your Restaurant POS PC and UNOpos Software. Either way, you'll be running efficiently in no time.


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